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David Cameron – House of Lords Hyprocrisy



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Man sanctioned for heart attack

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Daily Mail – ban this deadly substance

From today’s Daily Mail:

“A leaked government document revealed the Government’s plans to ban the legal high, dihydrogen monoxide. The document states, that dihydrogen monoxide is responsible for countless deaths a year but despite this:

  • The children of single mothers admit to being regular users of dihydrogen monoxide,
  • Labour built council flats often have supplies of it on EVERY floor,
  • A high concentration of people on disability benefit claim to be dependent on it,
  • Immigrants use it to travel into the country,
  • BBC journalists have been caught taking it LIVE ON AIR.

This is an affront to the hardworking families of Britain. Despite this, a government spokesman insisted: “We have no plans to ban dihydrogen monoxide, more commonly known by it’s street name of ‘water’.”

Join the Daily Mail’s Campaign today!”

The moral of the story – don’t believe everything you read…

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The Labour Party can survive without Lord Grabiner

murdochfriendquitesUpdate: In his last parliamentary session as a Labour Peer (2014/2015) he never voted in the House of Lords.

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Company pension fund advert

The DWP have spent £8.5 million advertising company pensions. I thought I’d help them out:

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Is this the real reason for English votes for English Laws?


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Scotland desperately needs a new political party

The SNP looks set to dominate Scottish politics, in the same way that the ANC have dominated South Africa or the ZANU-PF have dominated Zimbabwe. The prospect of the SNP winning the popular win in 2015 is extremely rare in a parliamentary democracy – to my knowledge no single party has won the popular vote in Westminster.

Having a government without opposition is dangerous – the government gets complacent and can do pretty much what it wants – Scotland after all has no checks and balances on the executive or legislature – if Sturgeon is able to command a landslide majority, she will be able to do anything she wants – including another referendum on independence (which would doubtless be successful).

The Scottish Parliament uses PR – therefore the dominance of the SNP cannot be blamed on the voting system. The fact the other three parties are struggling to make gains is pitiful – and can only be attributed to the Scottish Referendum – which has changed the face of Scottish Politics indefinitely. The voters it seems are no longer interested in the Scottish brand of Westminster based politics. Corybn’s election has made zero impact on the Labour party’s polls in Scotland. There is currently nothing to stop the SNP from dominating for decades.

This is where the need for a new political party comes in. Political dominance is never good – the Labour Party and the Conservative Party did not exactly end their lengthy tenures with a bang. New parties in Scotland are not restrained by the ridiculous Westminster system. If a new party gained 12.5% of the votes, this would translate to 12.5% of the seats (compared to the 0.15% of the seats that UKIP gained for their 12.5% of the votes).

The prospect of Wales seceding from the UK, doesn’t seem to inspire many Welsh people. In the last election to the Welsh Assembly Plaid Cymru got less than a fifth of the vote (winning 11 out of 60 seats). In the 2015 general election they got 3/40 seats.

In contrast the four main parties in the Northern Ireland assembly are either Unionists or Nationalists. The Green Party and UKIP gained a mere 1.5% of the votes (a fraction of the vote they gained in England). It’s unlikely to imagine Labour or the Conservative Party being successful in Northern Ireland.

Self-determination has become the main issue in Scotland – the case for Unionism needs to be put forward by a Scottish Unionist Party – one which only stood for elections in Scottish Constituencies and had no formal links to Westminster Parties. The Westminster parties are haemorrhaging seats – they have made losses at the last two elections to the Scottish Parliament – and this trend will continue at the next election. This will secure the SNP 15 years in office.

I am not telling the Scottish what to do – rather I am telling the Westminster parties to step aside – let Scottish people represent their own views in their own parliament. Whatever happens to Scotland they need new blood in parliament.

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