Why do we have fillerbusting?

Why are MPs allowed to shout down bills they object to? I am all in favour of MPs speaking out against bills they oppose – but I firmly believe legislation should go through the proper channels. If it gets defeated in a vote fair enough. Serial filibuster Philip Davies has just ‘talked out’ a bill to grant carers exemption from car parking fees. It’s high-time the speaker of the House of Commons was granted the power to (politely) tell a MP like Davies to STFU and allow other people to speak. Alternately they allow a vote to go ahead when the time expires. I don’t begrudge Davies the right to oppose such legislation – but I object to the existence of such absurd parliamentary laws.

10592670_891156757574591_7102393713081118753_n(Credit to Mike Silvers from Vox Political for the above image).

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