Facebook is not free

One of the greatest myths of the internet, is that facebook is free. Here are a few simple facts:

  • Facebook usage has cost people their jobs
  • Owning a facebook account can increase your insurance premiums.
  • Facebook sells your data – which results in targeted adverts (and presumably more impulse buying).

But hey – it’s free and will always be free right?


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David Cameron – House of Lords Hyprocrisy


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Man sanctioned for heart attack

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Daily Mail – ban this deadly substance

From today’s Daily Mail:

“A leaked government document revealed the Government’s plans to ban the legal high, dihydrogen monoxide. The document states, that dihydrogen monoxide is responsible for countless deaths a year but despite this:

  • The children of single mothers admit to being regular users of dihydrogen monoxide,
  • Labour built council flats often have supplies of it on EVERY floor,
  • A high concentration of people on disability benefit claim to be dependent on it,
  • Immigrants use it to travel into the country,
  • BBC journalists have been caught taking it LIVE ON AIR.

This is an affront to the hardworking families of Britain. Despite this, a government spokesman insisted: “We have no plans to ban dihydrogen monoxide, more commonly known by it’s street name of ‘water’.”

Join the Daily Mail’s Campaign today!”

The moral of the story – don’t believe everything you read…

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The Labour Party can survive without Lord Grabiner

murdochfriendquitesUpdate: In his last parliamentary session as a Labour Peer (2014/2015) he never voted in the House of Lords.

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Company pension fund advert

The DWP have spent £8.5 million advertising company pensions. I thought I’d help them out:

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Is this the real reason for English votes for English Laws?


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